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Richard Mac Farlane

I am a Business Consultant and Life Coach with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Penn State. Through 40 years of Corporate and Entrepreneurial experiences I have studied and created a BUSINESS MODEL for any serious goal-oriented individual, one that includes the key components of wealth, and the resources to create a successful Business empire.  A client determines where they fit into the model, considering their current financial base, so I/we can continually provide one or more services to each of these individuals.

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Lionhearted Mentoring Business Model


The foundation of any successful business or life venture.


Understanding and increasing multiple streams of income from the resources available, or that the client already has in place.


Providing legal resources for corporate and business entity structuring..


Grant, Equity, Receivables, Mortgage, Hard money, and standard Project financing.


Providing leverage for Capital growth from various financial market sources.


Real Estate and other holdings including commodities such as Bitcoin and precious metals.


Entry into Private banking when client funds become available.


Resources available for Trusts, Nevada Corporations, and offshore entities.


Creating a Foundation for contributing back to others, managing excess funds after your Financial Safety Net and operating expenses.


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Richard Mac Farlane

Lionhearted Mentoring
Extraordinary Vision / Extraordinary Results

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Lionhearted Mentoring

what we offer

  • Business Consulting

    As one of the few professional coaches that has management experience in a Fortune 100 company, YOU get results because he knows the challenges you are facing on a daily basis.

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  • Personal Life Coaching

    Although business experience is important, it is only a small part of WHY you WILL achieve results. I coach from a place that digs deep into your beliefs and programming issues.

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  • Transworld Business Advisors

    From business brokerage, franchise consulting, to mergers and acquisitions; we are the business sale specialists.

  • BitCoin Advisory

    Help navigating the basics of Blockchain, Coinbase, and what to expect when moving into the exploding world of Crypto-currencies.

Happy clients


  • Richard is an extraordinary coach and mentor. He has a unique ability to listen, to ask the perfect questions, to probe, and to bring out the answers the client already has within themselves. His unique skill set enables the client to produce the results they are seeking. I have trained over 5,000 coaches, and Richard is one of the 10 best I ever worked with.

    Terri Levine

    Founder 'The Coaches Institute' And Co-Author With Joe Vitale
  • When I contracted Richard and Transworld/Lake Norman to handle the sale of my business I knew we had a non-negotiable three month deadline to find a buyer and close the sale.  What Richard accomplished, and the manner in which he accomplished it, was nothing short of a miracle.  Together, we created a clearly defined Intention Statement detailing the close, the quality of the buyer, and details of the sale.  Everything on the conditions of the sale defined in that Intention Statement came to pass the day before my deadline.  Doing business with Richard and Transworld/Lake Norman was an incredible experience.

    Doc L

    Transworld Business Advisors/Lake Norman Business Seller Testimony
  • When Richard approached me to buy a business he had listed, my initial reaction was one of skepticism since I had just committed to another major purchase.  Richard provided excellent counseling, coaching, and negotiations in such a manner that I was able to complete the transaction in a win-win situation for all parties involved.  Richard's understanding of people and negotiations were first class.

    Jesse R

    Transworld Business Advisors/Lake Norman Business Buyer Testimony

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November 7th, 2017

May I offer you some thoughts to assist you in attracting a soul-mate, and anything else you want in life. The only thing that belongs to us is our thoughts, and they are generated from our spiritual self (the soul). If you understand that all…ALL…things in your life begin as a thought. Look around, your table, the computer, this website and this blog…lol…all began as a thought in someone’s mind. “Thoughts are things”. That is why you must monitor your thoughts, until you see what you are generating from them. Fear always causes loss. It ...

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