Attracting Your Soul-Mate

Published November 7th, 2017 by Unknown

May I offer you some thoughts to assist you in attracting a soul-mate, and anything else you want in life.

The only thing that belongs to us is our thoughts, and they are generated from our spiritual self (the soul). If you understand that all…ALL…things in your life begin as a thought. Look around, your table, the computer, this website and this blog…lol…all began as a thought in someone’s mind. “Thoughts are things”. That is why you must monitor your thoughts, until you see what you are generating from them. Fear always causes loss. It is much better to visualize more love, more money, or anything that you truly desire, and the positive feelings that having them will cause. Stay focused on the having, and the pleasant feelings, and soon enough it will come about. This is basic. In addition, you can add meditation, affirmations, and a vision board [more on those later].

Can you also do this for relationships and a soul-mate? Of course you can do it for love, with one caveat…for love to show up, you must absolutely love yourself as a child of God. You do not need someone to love you to love yourself, and the bonus of loving yourself, is that you then attract love. Happiness is an inside game, the fact is that no one can make you happy.

Take on – that what you think about comes to pass – and then you can have anything you desire in life, including your soul-mate.


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